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Woodland Birth Services

Guiding women to self-empowerment with knowledge, intuition and connection, through the full spectrum of motherhood.

Hello lovely! Welcome to our space, make yourself at home and use the contact buttons to ask any questions and recieve our beautiful Offerings & Services Package.

All About Me

Warmest welcome!
Get to know a little about me... mother of 4, partner to Jeff, gentle rebel, a hippie at heart, follower of the moon, counter of the stars and proud Birth Nerd!

I am just your regular 30 something gal, living life, raising babies to the best of my ability, riding the adventure life with my partner, with a huge love of everything birth and motherhood. 
You can find us spending too much at costco, planning our next project at the hardware store, playing at the park or walking the dogs by the river.
Life balancing teens and toddlers is no easy feat! So I am rocking the mom bun, leggings and coffee look, just like everyone else.

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My Education

Always learning, always growing.

Birth work is something that has been calling me for a very long time. Since 2005 to be exact! With the birth of my first baby, I knew that I had to persue this calling, I was just so unsure how, or when.
Fast forward a few years and a few more children, I knew what I was meant to be. A Doula! 
So began my adventure...
I took my Birth Doula training in 2018. With that, my hunger for more grew rapidly.
I took my Childbirth Educator training with Bebomia and learned not only everything I needed to know about facilitating an informational and engaging Birth Ed class, but how to be inclusive in our community and services. It's because of their training, that you will often find neutral language in my work. 
Now, that quenched my thirst for a while, but I just felt this call to learn more and that's when I came accross Herbal Birthkeeper Trainings. The stars aligned when the lockdown (due to Covid  19) began! For me, it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all of that time spent at home to continue my education. I devoured their courses as I tend to do when reading something that sparks my heart and spirit! Peer Lactation, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist & Full Spectrum Doula Birthkeeping, proudly accomplished, and ready to serve the women and birthers in my community.